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ADVERTISEMENT I thought of that tense and ugly exchange, which I researched in detail for my 2008 book, ” Clinton in Exile: A President Out of the White House ,” when I read that Hillary was giving her first interview, as the Democratic nominee, to Chris Wallace. The sit-down interview, to be taped today or tomorrow, will air on Sunday, July 31. The question that so offended her husband was about whether he had taken his eye off the ball in fighting terrorism. Wallace claimed that his listeners had reacted to news that he would be interviewing Bill Clinton by pushing the question: “Why didn’t you do more to put [Osama] bin Laden and al Qaeda out of business when you were president?” Wallace cited a book, Lawrence Wright’s “The Looming Tower,” which, as he said, “talks about the fact that when you pulled troops out of Somalia in 1993, bin Laden said ‘I have seen the frailty and the weakness and the cowardice of the U.S. troops.'” From there, Wallace mentioned “the bombing of the embassies in Africa and the attack on the Cole. … and then there was no response [from America].” “So you did Fox’s bidding on this show,” Bill Clinton exploded. “You did your nice little conservative hit job on me. … And you’ve got that little smirk on your face and you think you’re so clever.” Hillary Rodham Clinton Houston Chronicle endorses Clinton Apple’s Tim Cook to hold fundraiser for Clinton Guccifer 2.0 mum on latest hack of Democrats MORE ‘s handlers, I’d have her prepped to the gills on Benghazi and Iraq and Libya and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)., she hasn’t yet served as commander in chief, but she did serve as secretary of State.

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We need to be willing to examine that and then try to apply different approaches to the various challenges that we face. Tankersley: Id love to ask you about a few of the specific policies youve just mentioned. First, to talk about the tax rates the wealthiest Americans pay. You talk a lot about them paying their fair share. Do you have in your mind a number, as a percent of their income, for what a fair share would be for those wealthiest Americans? Clinton: You know, I have embraced the Buffett Rule. That would be a minimum tax of 30 percent. I have looked at changes that Trump is proposing that are pretty much way out there in terms of the benefits that would accrue to the wealthiest and certainly am opposed to that. So my tax plan would provide breaks to those who need it the most. I would not increase taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000 and year. Compare that to Trumps plan which would benefit the very rich to an unprecedented degree you would actually give millionaires and corporations tax cuts in the trillions.

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Employment Bits And Pieces You Need To Know

Your bills and career depend on how much time you take to learn about gainful employment. You can’t find a good job without tips and secrets, which this article has in abundance. Keep on reading if you wish to learn more.

It is good to know how much people in your chosen industry are getting paid so you do not low-ball yourself during the negotiation process. People will often ask for a lower salary than they should because they feel employers won’t agree to something higher. Although you should not request something astronomical, you want to look like you know the value of your position.

Dress to impress for an interview, even if it is somewhere that does not require you to be well-dressed every day. Just because they allow casual clothes doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to impress the manager looking like you should have the job.

When you are searching for a new job, being properly prepared can make all the difference. Your resume should detail all of your qualifications and should be up-to-date. It should include everything that you have accomplished in your education and detailed information about your job history. Finally, make sure that you include any relevant information that pertains to your previous work and education.

Make a document that will help you fill out applications quickly. On many occasions, you will asked to furnish information that is hard to recall from memory. It’s a great idea to have all of this information written down on some kind of a “cheat sheet”. This will make completing job applications simpler.

When you apply for jobs, don’t just focus on one job. Though something appears likely, there is always a chance it will fall through. Keep hunting in the meantime. The more applications you submit, the more likely you are to get a job.

Your email address is a reflection of who you are, so it’s time to ditch the questionable moniker. The first thing your employer will see is your contact information. The address you use should be simple and include your last name. Having an unprofessional email address can actually cause you to lose the job before you’ve even been interviewed.

Answer the phone with a polite tone for phone interviews. Your employers will be impressed with your professional demeanor, and other employers will be as well.

Don’t be hesitant to give your cellphone number rather than your landline to prospective employers. This will give you the ability to take calls when you are not at home. You can talk on the phone regardless of where you are.

Always be aware of the fact that a company has the ultimate goal to make a profit. When preparing for an interview and finishing up your resume, try to figure out how to word your personal sales pitch of how your talents can increase your prospective employer’s revenue. Showing good character is important, but there’s more to the equation.

If you’re having a hard time making a resume, try using a template online. You can find free templates online. Consider if you want to highlight your education, experience or other information and find a resume which specifically states it has been designed for this purpose.

Sending your resume directly to a company is an excellent way to show that you are interested in working there. Call them every so often after that to find out about any openings. You can even go in person. They’ll remember you from the persistence and might just offer you an interview before the job is posted.

Look at your skill levels. A few extra classes may get you on par with the competition. Getting a degree is not necessary; you only need to gain the skills needed for the job you want. Classes will help fine tune your skills and bolster your resume. For instance, you usually need to know about QuickBooks when going for a bookkeeper position, so taking a class about Quickbooks would be helpful.

Once you’ve applied for several jobs, you should be getting calls soon. Be careful when answering the phone. You must make a sound impression right away, even if speaking to an assistant.

The night prior to your interview, take definite steps to prepare. Collect your interview documents and choose your wardrobe carefully. You need everything to go well during this time so that you’re able to show up to the interview on time.

There are different things you can do to increase your chances of finding the job you want. The job finding process should not be taken lightly. In fact, it’s a good idea to treat your job search as if it were a job. With the right focus, the right knowledge, and the right approach, you’ll have a job much sooner than you think.

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